Information about CBL


Christian Business Leaders is a recognized student organization at Illinois State University. The organization was founded in 2015 by a group of students who wanted to foster a Christ centered organization that encourages service through Christ and leadership in business. The purpose of Christian Business Leaders is to provide Illinois State students a place to gather to express their beliefs with other like minded students and develop professionally and spiritually. CBL gives the opportunity to network with Christian business professionals.

Yearly Goals:

1. To have our Members Grow Spiritually.
2. To Increase Presence and Influence in the College of Business and ISU.

Bring Christian Business Leaders to your school!

If you are interested in creating a Christian Business Leaders group at your University or College please email for more information.

Leadership Team

CBL EBoard 2016-2017:
President: Brian Loiacono
VP of Internal Relations: Sara Ploch
VP of External Relations: Marissa Hutchinson
Treasurer: Brian Spargo
Co-Meeting Director: Caitlyn Locascio
Co-Meeting Director: Alissa Schmidgall
Secretary: Joshy Thomas
Service Director: Jessica Ackley
Marketing Director: Adriene Lane
Membership Director: Jake Rice

Website Coordinator: Ryan Gulden
Service Coordinator: Jasmine Barnes
Finance Coordinator: Travis Schlink
Media Coordinator : Emma Shores

Available leadership positions:
Marketing Coordinator
Executive Coordinator
Membership Coordinator

Member Testimonials

“Being a part of Christian Business Leaders has been nothing short of wonderful. There’s nothing better than the atmosphere of motivated, driven, and intelligent students and children of God coming together as one to inspire, promote, and encourage a life with Christ in all that you do. Through leadership, and service Christian Business Leaders is sure to equip you with the skills needed to establish a better relationship with everyone around you and remind you that life with Christ is worthy.”

“I had been looking for a good religious centered RSO for some time, and when a friend of mine suggested I try out Christian Business Leaders, I immediately took them up on the offer. I went to a meeting with a friend of mine, and fell in love with it after the first meeting. The meetings are a lot of fun to be at, but still very educational and inspirational at the same time. I have since had the opportunity to meet several successful Christian business leaders, and hear them talk about how their religion and hard work has helped them through tough times in their life and in their careers. Christian Business Leaders has become the RSO in which I am now most active, and I have even sought out an assistant coordinator position. I am very satisfied with my decision to attend Christian Business Leaders, and I look forward to staying active within the organization.”

Contact Information

Twitter: @CBLatISU
Facebook: CBLatISU
Facebook Group: CBLatISU