Gulden Tech

IT Consulting, Services and Contracting

Who I am

I am a computer science graduate & full stack developer aiming to leverage my experiences & knowledge from work and school into my own IT shop. My main specialty is JavaScript development (Frontend & Backend) and cloud infrastructure. I beleive containerization is key to setting up a successful continuous integration and continuous delivery lifecycle (CI/CD). This is why any application I build will be containerized with Docker and deployed and managed with Kubernetes. If you are seeking any services or advice of mine, please email me at or check out the services tab.

The mission of Gulden Tech

The mission of Gulden Technology is to bring enterprise technology & processes into the home environment and smaller businesses/ organizations. Most people and smaller businesses/ organizations dont have the IT budget needed to develop applications and resources using the latest technology. GuldenTech steps in to bring years of experience & knowledge to the table to help develop your IT posture to align with the industry standards.